Reducing Loads for Soft Soil Remediation

Geofoam Installation, Phillis Wheatley Elementary

Geofoam Installation, Phillis Wheatley Elementary

Built in 1954, Phillis Wheatley Elementary School in New Orleans has been closed since Hurricane Katrina flooded the area and was left in a state of disrepair.  The 57 year old school was originally built as a segregated school for African Americans and was decided to be demolished and rebuilt after much opposition, debate and protests.  Demolition was completed in 2011 and the new school is in construction.

InsulFoam Geofoam was chosen as a lightweight fill to raise the main slab from its original elevation and lighten up loads on the subsoils.  Geofoam’s lighweight nature takes up space without adding stress to the underlying soil or structure.  There are many benefits of using InsulFoam Geofoam for reducing loads for soft soil remediation such as:  INCREASES speed of installation and productivity, DECREASES rights-of-way concerns, traffic closures, heavy equipment costs, soil removal costs, borrow-fill placement, ELIMINATES surcharging time/cost, soil settlement, and secondary compaction.

InsulFoam Geofoam is also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, containing no HCFCs or formaldehyde. With superior stability and long-term R-value, InsulFoam Geofoam resists insects, mold, decomposition and severe weather conditions, including freeze-thaw cycles and moisture penetration.

CLICK HERE to see Phillis Wheatley Elementary GEOFOAM construction installation photos

Phillis Wheatley Elementary, Geofoam Installation

Geofoam Installation, Phillis Wheatley Elementary

Phillis Wheatley Elementary

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