The same material that may contractors use to insulate walls and roofs – expanded polystyrene (EPS) – can help reduce lateral loads on building foundations and retaining walls.  InsulFoam Geofoam is a lightweight fill that allows for the use of thinner walls, with less material, as well as a reduction in labor needed for concrete forming or the installation of segmented retaining wall blocks.  Geofoam has the same composition as EPS insulation, but is formed into blocks, rather than sheets.  As a fill material, a key advantage of EPS is its ultra low weight – approximately 100 times lighter than soil.  EPS geofoam enables contractors to backfill against walls and foundations, replacing the heavy soil wedge customary with traditional fill materials.  Learn more about InsulFoam Geofoam applications and product information.

InsulFoam Geofoam  |  Topaz Bridge:  McCammon, ID

Topaz Bridge_coverEPS geofoam was specified for the critical 13 mile stretch of U.S. 30 between Wyoming and Idaho as a soil replacing embankment fill material due to poor foundation soils and two steel fish culverts that could not bear the weight of traditional soil fill.  Challenges faced the project team (cost, strength and stability and site conditions),  see how the engineers used the Insulfoam Geofoam fill solution.   Read project profile (pdf)





 InsulFoam Geofoam  |  Renton City Hall:  Renton, WA

Renton City Hall_coverWhen the city of Renton decided to renovate an existing seven-story 123,000 square-foot office facility to establish new headquarters for its City Hall offices, it became apparent that in order for the existing building to meet code requirements, extensive handicapped access would have to be constructed both to the building’s front entrance and to the parking garage.  Read project profile (pdf)

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