DOE SEMINAR: Is the Housing Market Ready for Zero Net-Energy Ready Homes?

Insulfoam in partnership with the Department of Energy’s Challenge Home Program, invites you to join us at one of the two upcoming complimentary seminars.

Perfect for builders and designers looking to differentiate themselves within the residential building and design category, this complimentary seminar is being offered in two locations:  November 21st in the greater Seattle area and November 22nd in the greater Stockton area. 

Register to attend one of these sessions here or read on to learn why you need to attend one of these seminars!

Half-Day Training Course Description: 
Is the Housing Market Ready for Zero Net-Energy Ready Homes?

Presenters include Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect, DOE Building Technologies Program & Jamie Lyons, Senior Consultant, Newport Partners.

It’s been five years since the current housing industry slow-down began. As time marches on, it’s become increasingly clear the recovery process will be extremely slow. During this difficult business climate, the DOE Challenge Home offers leading builders a timely solution for differentiating their product from the existing homes as well as minimum code new homes. In fact, DOE believes the housing market is ready for a label that makes it easy for consumers to identify zero net-energy ready homes that are so efficient a small renewable energy system can offset most or all annual energy consumption. Further, these homes include outstanding health benefits and significant savings installing solar energy systems in the future.

Constructing zero net-energy ready homes is relatively easy. Ensuring they consistently deliver affordability, comfort, health, safety, durability and quality-construction is the goal of the DOE Challenge Home specifications.

American homebuyers want this level of excellence when they make the largest investment of a lifetime. They just don’t know it’s available and how to get it… yet.

This 3.5-hour seminar will provide builders a comprehensive review of zero net-energy ready home construction including the business case, detailed specifications, and opportunities to be recognized as an industry leader. In the process, attendees will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the future of housing and why is it headed there?
  • What new business approach is critical for builders in a slow housing market?
  • What critical components define a truly zero net-energy ready home?
  • How are builders offering zero net-energy ready homes today at market-based prices?
  • Why are zero net-energy ready homes often the lowest cost option for homebuyers?
  • What eight compelling value propositions are unique to zero net-energy ready homes?
  • How can zero net-energy ready homes substantially lower home builders’ risks?
  • How can zero net-energy ready homes be constructed with readily available, tried-and-true technologies and practices?
  • How can builders achieve significant recognition for providing zero net-energy ready performance?
  • What local resources are available to assist home builders with zero net-energy ready projects?

Sign up to attend at this registration link. Space is extremely limited. Don’t delay!

Insulation Solutions at Greenbuild

Greenbuild 2012 We are in full swing with final preparations for Greenbuild 2012 in San Francisco Nov 14-16, the largest international conference and expo dedicated to green building.  With 35,000 participants expected this will be one of the largest Greenbuild shows ever.  Exciting!

1,000+ exhibitors, how do you decide what booth to go to, who to talk to?  Ok, we aren’t Kohler who seems to have one of the BEST booths possible every year (and the one booth I always make sure to sneak away and visit), but  we do have plenty of good information to help you with your next insulation project and meet your energy efficiency goals.  Insulfoam (booth #3169N) provides insulation solutions from roof to foundation and everything in between.

High Performance.  Lower Cost.  Most R-Value Per Dollar.

With a broad range of insulation products available, it’s easier than ever for designers to create an energy efficient building project.  InsulFoam EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) rigid foam insulation has been used for decades by smart industry professionals looking to achieve high thermal properties for a cost-effective price.  In fact, EPS offers more cost savings and higher R-Values than any other rigid insulation.  The benefit of lightweight EPS goes far beyond price, since it also helps contractors significantly decrease material and labor expenses.  EPS is also one of the most versatile engineered insulations, making it a designer’s dream product.  You tell us what you need and we make it fit within your design.  Not limited by stock sizes InsulFoam blocks can be molded, cut, shaped, tapered into virtually any design need, regularly solving challenges for contractors on the jobsite.

InsulFoam EPS is the only rigid insulation that does not experience “thermal drift” (loss of R-Value over time).  In fact, the R-Value is backed with a 20-year non-prorated thermal performance warranty.  ISO and XPS rigid insulations don’t come close in warranty, so you can be confident that Insulfoam’s EPS products are the best rigid insulation option for your project.

The following Insulfoam product lines will be highlighted in our Greenbuild booth with specialists to talk you through technical attributes  applications, projects and more.  And not to mention we got some pretty great and easy to talk to guys!  As you gear up for planning mode this coming week, put Insulfoam’s booth #3169N on your route.

Premier SIPs by Insulfoam

FRAMING SYSTEMS:  Premier SIPs by Insulfoam:  Structural Insulated Panels are an extremely strong building panel that need no additional frame of skeleton for support.  Premier’s large, pre-fabricated SIPs make the framing process faster than other building methods and enable a more airtight, well-insulated building for high energy efficiency.

Insulfoam Below Grade Insulation

BELOW GRADE INSULATION:  Insulfoam’s Below Grade Insulation products are designed to insulate the foundation wall or slab and protect the waterproofing or damp proofing, especially during backfilling for both commercial and residential below-grade applications.  Compressive strength, moisture protection and thermal stability.

ROOF INSULATION SOLUTIONS:  Insulfoam’s roofing insulation applications are green, high-performing and economical products that help reduce overall energy consumption, create improved comfort for the building’s occupants and provide an excellent substrate for a new or retrofit roofing system.

Insulfoam Roof Insulation Solutions

INSULFOAM GEOFOAM:  InsulFoam GF provides structural and architectural void fill  applications that are lighter, easier to handle and faster than soil.  Hardscapes, landscapes, soil remediation and load reduction.

Insulfoam Geofoam

For real time updates before, during and after the expo follow us on Twitter:  @PremierSips @Insulfoam @InsulFoamGF.  Be sure to also check out Greenbuild’s official twitter feed, @Greenbuild and conversation at #Greenbuild.

For more event information:  Greenbuild Schedule  |  Greenbuild Expo Tools & Map

What’s Your Favorite Green Building Product? Vote Today!

Insulfoam’s R-Tech and Premier SIPs have made the final cut as finalists for Environmental Design + Construction’s (EDC) fifth annual Reader Choice Awards.  This annual contest gives readers the opportunity to vote for the best of green building products that best combine sustainable attributes with ease of use and installation.  Both products are listed for the top product award in the “Framing, Structural or Insulation Products’ category.  As the official magazine for the LEED professional, EDC provides education for designing, constructing, remodeling, operating and maintaining a sustainable built environment.
Vote online today, polls are open until September 30th, and you can vote once every day until polls close.  In addition, EDC will be giving away a $25 gift card every other week to one lucky voter, so make sure you enter a valid email address so they can contact you!
To Vote:
  • Click here to vote, fill-in and submit your details (free registration is required)
  • Click on category “Framing, Structural or Insulation Products”
  • Select ‘R-Tech’ & ‘Premier SIPs’
  • Cast your vote!

R-Tech®:  An effective roof insulation panel helps reduce overall energy consumption, creates improved comfort for the building’s occupants and provides an excellent substrate for a new or retrofit roofing system. R-Tech closed cell panels pair extremely lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) with factory-laminated facers for good dimensional stability and compressive strength.  They offer remarkable physical properties, including excellent moisture resistance, long term non-degenerative thermal properties and extreme resilience. Insulfoam’s EPS is also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, containing no HCFC’s or formaldehyde and can contribute toward LEED® credit requirements.

Premier SIPs:  Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a high-performance engineered wood framing product. SIPS are manufactured with a super-insulating core of rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is structurally laminated and pressure cured between two sheets of oriented strand board (OSB). When using Premier SIPs for a building’s roof, walls and/or floors, the result is a highly efficient structural building system that is extremely strong, predictable, energy efficient and cost effective.

Insulfoam is North America’s largest EPS manufacturer. With more than 50 years manufacturing, testing and using EPS in projects throughout the world, Insulfoam shares tips, trends, projects and other engineered insulation details to help you design and build with the most cost effective rigid insulation on the market. For specific product information visit Insulfoam’s website at